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About Blackwall

Our story

Committed to working for the good of our industry.

It all began in 2011. One unexpected moment forever changed the course of IT security history.

Opportunity arose for injecting niche security expertise into ICT Service Providers, and Brian Gould took it. Blackwall was born - creating a new path for genuine people to realise their potential and contribute to a greater good. And still be cool.

Since then Blackwall has grown. Teams in Wellington, Auckland and Sydney now provide expertise in Security, SD-WAN, Cloud, Virtualisation, Networking and Infrastructure services. Exciting opportunities await in emerging technologies. Clients range from New Zealand based medium/large enterprises to large global enterprises and Service Providers that stretch across the globe. But this is just the beginning. We are still growing in all ways. As you read this, the story continues to be written….

Our team

People behind the scenes

Our teams are buzzing with skilled professionals securing, defending and safeguarding high profile, global clients. We are committed to working for the good of our industry through meaningful work and positive contribution to society. We value genuine integrity and responsiveness, and have each-others back. Here’s some of our creative intelligence hidden in the background…

Brian Gould

Employee zero

Melanie Sharp

Security Engineer


Our operational and managed services team led by Kala and Zena.

Josh O'Connor-Chen

Service Delivery and Engagement Manager

Chris Hutchings

Security Engineer

Johaniek Sulzberger

Marketing, Communications and Special Projects

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Roles currently available in Sydney and Wellington. Email (New Zealand) or (Australia) to let us know why you think you’d be a great fit for our team.